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SPSS(Statistical Product and Service Solutions)



  SPSS,統計產品與服務解決方案軟體。最初軟體全稱為“社會科學統計軟體包”(SolutionsStatistical Package for the Social Sciences),但是隨著SPSS產品服務領域的擴大和服務深度的增加,已於2000年正式將英文全稱更改為“統計產品與服務解決方案”,標誌著SPSS的戰略方向正在做出重大調整。SPSS為IBM公司推出的一系列用於統計學分析運算、數據挖掘預測分析決策支持任務的軟體產品及相關服務的總稱SPSS,有Windows和Mac OS X等版本。


  SPSS是世界上最早的統計分析軟體,由美國斯坦福大學的三位研究生Norman H. Nie、C. Hadlai (Tex) Hull 和 Dale H. Bent於1968年研究開發成功,同時成立了SPSS公司,並於1975年成立法人組織、在芝加哥組建了SPSS總部。


1.About the product portfolio

Use the special capabilities of each SPSS product toaddress a wide array of business problems, combine products to achieve your organization’s goals or deploy packaged solutions built specifically to resolve your most pressing business needs.

2.Social, survey and market research

Develop a deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, opinions and preferences by using software specifically designed for market and survey research. Capture attitudes, opinions and trends as they happen in social media

3.Predictive and advanced analytics

With ease of use plus versatility, you can take on almost any analytical task. Use SPSS solutions for statistical analysis,data and text mining, and predictive modeling to uncover key insights and solve real business problems.

4.Decision management and deployment

Use SPSS solutions to embed predictive intelligence into everyday decisions. Apply discipline to analytics with security-rich collaboration and automation. Optimize everyday business decisions based on predictive outcomes, business rules, business objectives and operational constraints

5.Predictive solutions

Improve business outcomes with solutions designed specifically to help organizations integrate predictive analytics into their operations.


Predictive analytics software helps organizations use data in their daily decision-making to substantially improve outcomes.Organizations in business, government, non-profits and academia can capture information about people’s attitudes and opinions, predict the outcomes of interactions before they occur and act on their insights by embedding analytic results into business processes.

IBM® SPSS® solutions are a key component of IBM’s broad business analytics portfolio that helps organizations make informed and optimized decisions everywhere to improve outcomes and manage risk. SPSS products enable your organization to apply analytics to decision-making whenever and wherever it is needed. These products can function independently but are designed to work together to address the full spectrum of analytics needs. Organizations can benefit from analytics faster when multiple capabilities are integrated into a single solution.

SPSS software supports:

• Social, survey and market research. Solutions such as IBM Social Media Analytics along with SPSS Data Collection help provide you with a detailed view of customers based on the analysis of social media, survey research and market research data.

• Predictive and advanced analytics. Solutions such as IBM SPSS Statistics and its modules and IBM SPSS Modeler are recognized leaders in providing the advanced analytics, predictive analytics and data and text mining capabilities that turn data into insight.

• Decision management and deployment. Solutions such as IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services combine a disciplined, security-rich and collaborative approach to

analytics with decision management capabilities. As a result, these solutions can infuse predictive intelligence into everyday business decisions.

• Predictive solutions. Solutions such as IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality and IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence are designed specifically to synthesize multiple capabilities for targeted line of business outcomes.



高級模塊SAS/STAT®SPSS Advanced Models™stat, MASS及眾多擴展包
基礎模塊SAS®SPSS Base™R
聯合分析SAS/STAT®: TransregSPSS Conjoint™homals, psychoR , bayesm
對應分析SAS/STAT®: CorrespSPSS Categories™homals, MASS, FactoMineR,ade4, PTAk, cocorresp, vegan, made4, PsychoR
自定義表格SAS Base® Report、SQL, TabulateSPSS Custom Tables™reshape
數據介面SAS/ACCESS®SPSS Data Access Pack™DBI, foreign, RODBC
數據挖掘Enterprise Miner™Clementine®rattle, arules, FactoMineR
數據校驗Various proceduresVarious procedures,SPSS Data Preparation™dprep, various functions
Exact TestsSAS/STAT®: variousSPSS Exact Tests™coin, elrm, exactLoglinTest,exactmaxsel, exactRankTests,及其他許多包
基因分析SAS/Genetics®,SAS/Microarray®,Solution®, JMP,Genomics®Bioconductor
GISSAS/GIS®,SAS/Graph®SPSS Maps™maps, mapdata, mapproj,GRASS via s












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