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  Unipol Gruppo Finanziario是一家義大利金融服務控股公司經營保險銀行領域,總部設在博洛尼亞Unipol塔。2009年,排名該國第四大公司。在Unipol工藝集團成立於1963,一開始開始是Unipol的保險服務,成立於1963年繼收購屬於尕阿爾合作社幾個合作社(合作社聯盟)。公司經營相當數量品牌保險業使用品牌UnipolSai Assicurazioni, Linear, Linear Life及UniSalute;銀行業使用品牌Unipol Banca和Banca Sai。

  公司作為非壽險合作商於1962年在博洛尼亞成立。2005年,對Banca Nazionale del Lavoro失敗的收購後,因陷於bancopoli醜聞之中,喬凡尼.康索特辭去首席執行官。康索特後來內幕交易罪名成立。康索特的繼任者皮埃爾路易吉.斯特凡尼尼和薩爾瓦托里,在2007年對公司進行廣泛的重組


  1963:The Compagnia Assicuratrice Unipol, with offices in Bologna, begins operating in the non-life insurance sector, following the acquisition by several cooperatives belonging to the Lega delle Cooperative (League of Cooperatives).

  1969:The company begins operating in the life insurance sector.

  1972:The trade unions, CGIL, CISL and UIL become Unipol shareholders.

  1974:The corporate base widens to include three workers’ organisations (CNA, CIA and Confesercenti) representing the interests of artisans, agricultural workers and retailers. The Consigli Regionali Unipol (CRU - Regional Unipol Councils) are set up.

  1986:Unipol is ranked among the first ten largest insurance groups in Italy. Unipol is the first Italian company belonging to the cooperative movement to be listed on the Stock Exchange, with preferred shares.

  1990:Ordinary shares are listed on the Stock Exchange.

  1993:Unipol Assicurazioni publishes its first Social Report, which evolved to Group Social Report (2005) andSustainability Report (2009).

  1995:UniSalute - company specialising in the healthcare sector - is established with offices in Bologna.

  1996:Linear, a company specialising in selling car insurance over the telephone, is founded with offices in Bologna.

  1998:Quadrifoglio Vita, a company held in equal parts by Unipol Assicurazioni and Banca Agricola Mantovana and which specialises in selling insurance policies, is established.BANEC, later renamed Unipol Banca, is purchased. Unipol enters the banking sector with an approach different from pure banckassurance, putting in place a highly integrated banking and insurance product and service distribution system.

  2000:Aurora Assicurazioni, Navali Assicurazioni and other non-life/life insurance companies belonging to the Meie Assicurazioni Group are purchased. Their offices are respectively found in Naples, Milan and Ferrara.A 50% stake in BNL Vita, company with offices in Rome selling life insurance products at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) counters is also purchased. The Unipol Group moves into fourth place on the Italian insurance market.

  2001:The first merger, between Meie Assicurazioni and Aurora takes place with the creation of MEIEAurora.

  2003:Unipol acquires the Winterthur Italia Group - with offices in Milan - from its Swiss motherhouse.

  2004:A second merger between Winterthur Italia and MEIE Aurora takes place and Aurora Assicurazioni are established. Its offices are transferred to San Donato Milanese (MI). Navale Assicuarzioni purchases Italian life and non-life insurance companies belonging to the French Group, Mutelles du Mans Assurance. Their incorporation leads to the creation of a non-life insurance company, Navale Assicurazioni, which focuses on sales using multi-firm agents and brokers. Navale Assicurazioni’s offices are later transferred to Milan. A life insurance company called Navale Vita, with offices in Rome, is also established.

  Unipol becomes the third largest company on the Italian insurance market as a result both these acquisitions and internal growth. 2005:Within this context and, at first, in order to defend its shareholdings in BNL Vita, Unipol develops a project to acquire control of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro by means of a takeover. This, among other things, is subject to approval from the Banca d'Italia, with a prior opinion from ISVAP.

  On 10 January 2006, after a particularly complex and lengthy process lasting five months, Banca D’Italia issues a communication stating that it had found that the capital adequacy standards and requirements necessary to authorise the acquisition of control in BNL have not been met. The statement is confirmed on 3 February 2006.

  2006 On January 9, following the resignation of its Chairman and Deputy Chairman, the Board of Directors appoints Pierluigi Stefanini and Vanes Galanti respectively as Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the company.

  An important agreement with BNP Paribas is finalised within the first few months of 2006 providing for, among other things, the transfer of BNL shares held by the Group and the acquisition of a further 1% in BNL Vita by Unipol, brining its holdings in the company up to 51%. The operation is finalised during the course of 2007.

  On June 30 the Board of Director appoints Carlo Salvatori Chief Executive Officer and entrusts him with the operative management of the company. The 2007-2009 Business Plan is then defined and approved (September) as is the project to reorganise the Group (December). The purpose of the reorganisation is to put in place a simpler and more transparent managerial and administrate model, making a clear-cut distinction between central planning and coordination and the operative functions of each company.

  2007:The Unipol Group reorganisation continues with the acquisition of complete control over Aurora Assicurazioni by means of a voluntary takeover bid. The Unipol and Aurora insurance branch spin-offs and their transfer to two newly established companies also takes place. Lastly, Aurora is incorporated by Unipol Gruppo Finanziario S.p.A.

  On September 1, following its internal reorganisation and the reorganisation of its shareholdings, Unipol Gruppo Finanziario S.p.A. begins operating as financial services holding company, maintaining its listing on the Stock Exchange.

  2008 On 29 December the project to reorganise UGF Group insurance business is concluded, with the authorisation granted by relevant authorities to the merger of Aurora Assicurazioni into Unipol Assicurazioni, and the hive-down, from UGF to the company resulting from the merger (UGF Assicurazioni), of its services dealing with UGF Group insurance business.

  2009 On 1 February UGF Assicurazioni S.p.A is operational. The new insurance company will continue to benefit from the commercial strength of the current brand names Unipol e Aurora, each of which will keep its own identity and commercial capacity.On 23 February Unipol Banca, Unipol Merchant and Cooperleasing changed their names to UGF Banca, UGF Merchant and UGF Leasing respectively.

  On 22 December UGF and BNP-Paribas entered into bancassurance partnership agreements, which included the sole distribution of BNL Vita insurance products through BNL's network of sales outlets until 31 December 2011. On 24 December BPER, BPSO and UGF launched a strategic partnership in Life and Non-Life bancassurance business, under which UGF acquired the majority of the ARCA Insurance Group and a distribution agreement was entered into for ten years.

  2010 On 29 April the Shareholders’ Meeting reappointed the Board of Directors: Pierluigi Stefanini was confirmed as Chairman and Carlo Cimbri was appointed as new Group Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. On 13 May the newly appointed BoD approved the 2010-2012 Business Plan and adopted the first Group 2010-2012 Sustainability Plan.

  On 22 June the acquisition of the majority holding in ARCA Group was executed. 24 June marks the start of the hive-off of Navale Assicurazioni's insurance business to UGF Assicurazioni and, after the hive-off, of its merger into the parent UGF.

  2011 As from 1 January 2011 the integration of Navale Assicurazioni is complete with its merger into Unipol Gruppo Finanziario (after the hive-off of its insurance business to Unipol Assicurazioni).

  As of the same date Navale Vita changed its name into Linear Life, which is now the only Group insurance company specialising in direct sales of Life products over Internet.

  On 7 April 2011 the Unipol Group defined the terms of the sale of 51% of the company BNL Vita to BNP-Paribas: operation concluded on 29 september 2011.

  On 1 July 2011, at the end of a major rebranding project affecting the whole organisation, the Unipol Group is officially launching its new image and that of the subsidiaries: the change highlights the 'Unipol' brand as a deliberate strategic and business choice.

  2012 On 29 January 2012 the Unipol Group began the process of merger by incorporation of Unipol Assicurazioni, Fondiaria-Sai, Milano Assicurazioni and Premafin. For the Unipol Group the acquisition, which is of strategic importance to business, is an important opportunity to grow in size, particularly in the area of Non-Life business.

  On 19 July 2012 Unipol subscribed Premafin’s capital increase reserved for Unipol. As a result of these transactions Unipol is now the majority shareholder of Premafin with a stake in its share capital of roughly 81% and has therefore acquired control of the Fondiaria-Sai Group.

  2013 Under the new Business Plan and once authorization is obtained from IVASS, the process of merging Premafin, Milano Assicurazioni and Unipol Assicurazioni into Fondiaria-SAI by incorporation begins, giving rise to UnipolSai.

  2014 On January 6 is born UnipolSai, from the merger by incorporation of Unipol Assicurazioni, Milano Assicurazioni and Premafin in Fondiaria-Sai.

  On June 30 UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A. completed the transfer to Allianz S.p.A. of an insurance business belonging to the former Milano Assicurazioni.Last update 26/11/2014 17.13












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