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  • 国民经济、对外经济贸易 National economy, Foreign economic relations and trade
  • 经济指标 economic indicators
  • 社会总产值 total product of society
  • 国民生产总值 GNP (Gross National Product)
  • 国内生产总值 GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • 人均国内生产总值 GDP per capita
  • 工农业总产值 gross output value of industry and agriculture
  • 国民收入 national income
  • 购买力平价法 purchasing power parity
  • 财政收入 state revenue
  • 社会商品零售总额 total volume of retail sales
  • 社会零售物价总指数 general retail price index
  • 百分点 percentage points
  • "八五"划划 the 8th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development
  • 计划经济 planned economy
  • 统购统销 state monopoly over purchase and marketing
  • 市场经济 market economy
  • 指令性计划 mandatory plan
  • 指导性计划 guidance plan
  • 市场调节 market regulation
  • 建立市场经济、法制、民主监督和廉政"三个机制" establish operational mechanisms of market economy, rule by law, democratic supervision and incorruptible government
  • 抓好农业、交通能源、教育科技"三个基础" stress priorities over agriculture, transportation and energy supply, education and science and technology
  • 实现产业结构、生态环境和人口素质"三个优化" optimize industrial structure, ecological environment and the quality of population
  • 第一、二、三产业 primary, secondary and tertiary industries
  • 外向型经济 export-oriented economy
  • 创汇型企业 foreign exchange-earning enterprise
  • 劳动密集型 labor intensive
  • 技术、智力、资本密集型 technology, knowledge or capital intensive
  • 高附加值的深加工 down-stream processing with high added-value
  • 优化资源配置 optimize allocation of resources
  • 生产力 productive forces
  • 生产资料 capital goods
  • 科研成果产业化 industrialization of research findings
  • 火炬计划 Torch Plan
  • 技术入股 technology appraised as capital stock
  • 风险投资 venture investment/capital
  • 固定资产投资 investment in fixed assets
  • 折旧费 depreciation cost
  • 关系民生的产品 products vital to the people’s livelihood
  • 供大于求 oversupply
  • 供不应求 short supply
  • 经济过热 overheated economy
  • 抑制炒房地产热 stem frenzied and speculative trading in the property market
  • 宏观调控 macro-economic control
  • 经济杠杆 economic levers
  • 产业政策 industrial policy
  • 财政, 税收, 信贷利率, 汇率 public financing, taxation, credit, interest rate, exchange rate
  • 提高经济效益 enhance economic performance/returns
  • 社会效益 social effect/returns
  • 实现持续、稳定、协调的发展 bring about sustained, stable and coordinated development
  • 财政赤字(盈余 ) budget deficit(surplus)
  • 外贸出口总额 gross foreign export value
  • 外商直接投资协议金额 contracted foreign direct investment
  • 实际利用外资 foreign investment in actual use
  • 三资企业(中外合资合作、外商独资经营) three kinds of enterprises with foreign investment: sino-foreign joint venture, contractual joint venture
  • 允许外商独资经营 allow full foreign equity operation
  • 优惠条件 confessional terms; favorable terms
  • 减免税收 tax reduction and exemption
  • 合作方式 approaches to cooperation
  • 出资方式 means of contributing investment
  • 合营期限 contract term of a joint venture
  • 三来一补 (来料加工,来件装配,来样加工) processing and compensation trades(processing with materials or given samples, assembling supplied components)
  • 贸易伙伴 trade partner
  • 转口贸易 transit trade
  • 外贸顺差 foreign trade surplus
  • 积极引进外来资金、技术、人才和管理经验 actively introduce capital, technology, competent professionals and managerial expertise form outside
  • 交钥匙工程 turn-key project
  • 招标承包制 bidding invitation contract system
  • 招标出售技术 bids for technology
  • 公开招标 call for bid; tenders
  • 招标单 invitation for bid (IFB)
  • 标书 bidding document
  • 竟标 competitive bidding
  • 投标 bid for a project
  • 投标报价书 bid proposals
  • 评标 bid proposal evaluation
  • 开标 bid opening
  • 中标 win a bid; be awarded a tender
  • 拍卖 auction
  • 租赁 leasing
  • 保税区 bonded area; free trade area
  • 实行全方位开放 practice multi-directional opening
  • 统一政策、放开经营、平等竞争、 unified policy, liberalized operation, and equal competition
  • 自负盈亏、工贸结合、推行代理制 responsibility for one’s own profits and losses, the integration of industry and foreign trade, and the promotion of agent system
  • 知识产权 intellectual property rights
  • 技术转让 technology transfer
  • 可行性研究 feasibility study
  • 意向书 letter of intent
  • 投资环境 investment environment
  • 跨国公司 transnational coorporation
  • 基础设施 infrastructure
  • 20年基本实现现代化 basically achieve modernization in 20 years
  • 发挥技术窗口管理窗口和人才窗口的作用 serve as a medium for introducing advanced technologies, managerial expertise and qualified professionals from outside.
  • 招商 attract investment
  • 招商项目 project proposals for investment
  • 国际惯例接轨 follow the international codes of practice; bring … in line with the international usage
  • 加大改革力度 intensify reforms
  • 一条龙服务 one package service
  • 一支笔审批 one-chop approval
  • 我们两市的经济互补性很强。 To a great extent, the economies between out two cities are complementary to each other.
  • 平等互利,互通有无 equality and mutual benefit, and trading of needed goods
  • 外引内联 act as an intermediary for introducing foreign capital and establishing domestic connections
  • 保持发展后劲 bring about a sustainable development; sustain momentum of development
  • 三通一平(水通、电通、路通、施工场地平) "three connections and one leveling" assuring that a construction site is connected to water and electric power supplies and roads, and that the ground is leveled before a project is begun.
  • 瓶颈 bottleneck
  • 以工养农 use industrial income to finance agriculture
  • 以路养路 use tolls to repay investment in road projects
  • 下放审批权 delegate the authority to examine and approve to lower levels
  • 统而不死,活而不乱 ensure a flexible control
  • 良性循环 positive cycle
  • 国民经济的支柱 mainstay of the national economy
  • 格局初步形成 Pattern has taken initial shape.
  • 理顺企业的产权关系 rationalize the property rights relationships of enterprises
  • 政策性亏损 policy-related loss
  • 三角债 chain debts
  • 上不封顶,下不保底 set no ceiling limit and give no minimum guarantee
  • 企业“工效挂钩” link total payroll with the performance of an enterprise
  • 生意兴隆/冷淡 Business is booming/sluggish
  • 质量信得过单位 quality trustworthy organization
  • 批量生产 mass production
  • 以销定产 limit production to market ability
  • 内联企业 inland associated enterprises
  • 菜篮子工程 shipping basket project
  • 国产化 percentage of home-made parts
  • 配套改革 coordinated reforms
  • 配套措施 supporting measures
  • 配套工程 auxiliary project
  • 国内配套资金 domestic funds
  • 向基础工业倾斜的政策 policy in favor of basic industry
  • 升级换代 upgrading and updating
  • 看好经济增长 think highly of economic growth
  • 行情看好 Favorable price/market can be expected.
  • 行情看涨/跌 anticipate lower market price/rising price
  • 随行就市 fluctuate in line with market conditions
  • 片面追求发展速度 seek an unduly high growth rate
  • 在过渡时期 in a period of transition
  • 粗放/集约经营 extensive/intensive operation
  • 基础地位 leading position
  • 门类齐全 covering extensive fields
  • 存款余额/贷款余额 the balance of deposits/the balance of loans
  • 外汇储备 foreign exchange reserves
  • 贸易顺差 trade surplus




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