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Cannondale(肯诺戴尔,佳能得,康纳戴尔)-- 世界上最独特的自行车







When Cannondale pioneered use of aluminum bicycles, others soon joined us. When we began using System Integration, our peers hopped on the idea. And when we released the BB30 standard, others within the bicycle industry recognized it as an improvement upon an old design.

We don’t rest on those laurels: More changes are on the horizon that benefit riders. To get there, Cannondale’s developers follow several simple product-creation rules that are part of our belief in “Manifest Design”:

  • Have substance behind our designs – real, provable engineering solutions, rather than showy, gimmicky designs that do little for a rider.
  • Match design needs with engineering specs. Anybody can weld three tubes together and call it a bike frame. The key for us is to make products that simultaneously deliver the ultimate performance in a package that’s appealing to ride.
  • Defy tradition when it comes to thinking about bike design. We’ve been doing it for years, and will continue to come up with innovative engineering solutions that do away with excess weight and unneeded complexity.
  • Avail ourselves of the best experts and materials in the industry to succeed in our design innovation. We are the materials experts, and will continue to push bicycle designs onto new ground when the results contain quantifiable advantages for cyclists.


For us, like you, it's the secure click of a cleat meeting its pedal.

It's the first pedal stroke with anticipation of a long ride churning within.

Its the first breath inhaled.

It's the precise moment just before reaching the apex of a long climb, and the exhilaration of conquering it.

It's the thrill of going

It's finally getting through that technical section and then nailing it every time thereafter.

It's the "endo", the road rash, the challenge, the thrill.

It's staring at convention and then disrupting it all to create that unique, spectacular moment in time called your ride.

It's when you realize that between you and your bike, there is nothing you can not accomplish.

For us at Cannondale, it's building, testing and rebuilding; making it better in the process, never settling for "good enough".It's knowing it, verses guessing it and using the world's greatest athletes to prove it.It's having such high standards and expectations in how we want product to perform that we are relentless in our pursuit.

It's not about superfluous welds or fancy etchings, it's about performance, innovation, superior product. Does it contribute to the ride? Does it do what we want it to do? When we step back and look at our work, the answer is easy... it does, and we feel it everyday, knowing you'll feel it too.

Cannondale's Mission:

"Our mission is to create innovative, quality products that inspire cyclists around the world."

To succeed in our mission:

  • We strive to exceed the expectations of our consumers, retailers and business partners.
  • We believe our people drive our success and act accordingly.
  • We work together as one global team.
  • We act with respect, responsibility and integrity.
  • We produce a stream of innovative, quality products.
  • We devise flexible manufacturing processes that enable us to deliver those innovative, quality products to the market quickly and then back them with excellent customer service.
  • We limit our distribution to the best specialty retailers in the world.
  • We stay lean, remain competitive and entrepreneurial.
  • We promote from within whenever possible.
  • We concentrate on detail, because the last 5% is often the difference between success and failure.
  • We continuously improve everything.
  • We govern our every deed by what is ‘just and right’.

Our passion for cycling can be seen at every turn as we strive to be the best bicycling company in the world, day in, and day out. Our unwaivering focus on and dedication to people - riders, employees, retailers and vendors - is what drives us to conceive and manufacture products of the highest quality. Year after year, Cannondale leads the industry with unsurpassed innovation and state of the art technology.

Headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut, Cannondale designs, develops and produces bicycles at its factory in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The company operates subsidiaries in Holland, Switzerland, Japan, and Australia, and is owned by Dorel Industries Ltd. (TSX: DII.A, DII.B;)

We invite you to learn more:

See for yourself what makes Cannondale the industry leader; Take a testride, check out our latest technology and product innovations at your local Cannondale retailer or visit us at the next cycling event you attend. We look forward to meeting you!


Cannondale has come a long way since its birth in a crowded loft above a pickle factory in 1971, when it introduced the cycling industry's first bicycle trailer. The company grew quickly during its early years, adding cycling apparel and accessory lines along the way while also earning a strong reputation for innovation and quality. That reputation proved invaluable when Cannondale introduced its first bicycle, a touring model, in 1983, followed by a road racing model and a mountain bike model in 1984. Cannondale raised the cycling world's eyebrows by equipping their bicycles with handcrafted aluminum frames that were both lighter and more flex-resistant than the steel models that dominated the industry at the time. Cannondale's reputation encouraged both bike dealers and customers to give the bicycles a try, and widespread industry skepticism quickly gave way to a host of imitators.

Today Cannondale is the leading manufacturer of high-end bicycles, selling more than 80 models in over 70 countries worldwide. Widely regarded as the bike industry's leading innovator, Cannondale and its handcrafted bicycles have won numerous design awards including the "Publisher's Award for Innovation" from Bicycling magazine, "Technological Development of the Year Award" from VeloNews magazine, ""Best Of What's New" award from Popular Science, "Best New Products of the Year Award" from Business Week, "Design Recognition Award" from ID magazine, "Computer-Aided Design Award" from Design News magazine and a "Design and Engineering Award" from Popular Mechanics.

Many of the ideas that keep Cannondale products on the cutting edge come from the sponsored athletes on the company's professional racing teams. Possessing an outstanding heritage in competitive cycling, Cannondale today sponsors the Siemens mobile/Cannondale and Saeco/Cannondale road racing teams, and selected regional amateur teams. Cannondale mountain bikes have captured 11 World Championships, 17 World Cup Series overall titles, 16 National Championships and two Olympic medals. The company's road racing bikes have won eleven stages at the Tour de France, 27 stages at the Giro d'Italia, two Giro d'Italia overall victories, a Professional World Championship title, and two Italian National Championships.

The feedback provided by the company's racers, combined with Cannondale's flexible production processes, fuel a near constant stream of both new innovations and improvements to existing products. Those refinements aren't limited to the company's competition-oriented road racing and mountain bikes, however; the insights gained through racing, coupled with Cannondale's quest for constant improvement, have also benefited the company's wide array of lightweight recreational bikes as well as its lines of state-of-the-art cycling apparel.





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