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  Forrester Research公司(Forrester Research)由George F.Colony於1983年7月創建,1996年11月在納斯達克上市,股票代碼為FORR,首次公開發行2300000股。截至2008年3月31日,Forrester Research公司有員工935人,超過346人是研究的專業人士,2007年營收額為2.12億美元

  Forrester Research公司是一家獨立的技術和市場調研公司,針對技術給業務和客戶所帶來的影響提供務實和具有前瞻性的建議。在過去的25年當中,Forrester公司已經被公認為思想的領導者和可信賴的咨詢商,它通過所從事的研究、咨詢、市場活動和高層對等交流計劃,幫助那些全球性的企業用戶建立起市場領導地位。

  Forrester Research is an independent technology and market research company that provides its clients with advice about technology's impact on business and consumers. Forrester Research has four research centers in the US: Cambridge, Massachusetts; Foster City, California; Washington, D.C.; and Westport, Connecticut. It also has four European research centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Paris. The firm has nineteen sales locations worldwide. It offers a variety of services including syndicated research on technology as it relates to business, quantitative market research on consumer technology adoption as well as enterprise IT spending, research-based consulting and advisory services, Events, workshops, and teleconferences and executive peer-networking programs.


  Forrester Research was founded in July 1983 by George Forrester Colony, now chairman of the board and chief executive officer, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company's first report, "The Professional Automation Report," was published in November 1983. In November 1996, Forrester announced its initial public offering of 2,300,000 shares. In February 2000, the company announced its secondary public offering of 626,459 shares. The company acquired Fletcher Research, a British Internet research firm, in November 1999; FORIT GmbH, a German market research and consulting firm, in October 2000 and Giga Information Group, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based information technology research and consulting company, in February 2003.


  • George F.Colony, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO
  • Charles Rutstein, Chief Operating Officer
  • Brian E. Kardon, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
  • Michael Doyle, Chief Financial Officer
  • Elizabeth Lemons, Chief People Officer
  • Gail S. Mann, Chief Legal Officer And Secretary
  • George M. Orlov, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer
  • Dennis van Lingen, Managing Director, Marketing & Strategy Client Group; Chief Europe, Middle East, & Africa Officer
  • Julie Meringer, Managing Director, Information Technology Client Group
  • Mark R. Nemec, Ph.D., Managing Director, Technology Industry Client Group




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