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Kantar市场研究集团(The Kantar Group)LOGO标志

Kantar市场研究集团(The Kantar Group):全球最大的研究、分析和咨询网络之一

Kantar市场研究集团官方网站: http://www.kantargroup.com/ 英文




  Kantar隶属于WPP集团, Kantar集中了各式各样杰出的市场营销预测和咨询企业——他们都是各自领域的专家,而且能无缝地合作,帮助客户从全盘和战略高度解决商业问题。旗下有众多优秀的市场研究和咨询公司。这些公司都是各自领域的专家,能够提供全方位的、战略性的解决方案,为客户解决其业务问题

  Kantar集团旗下的公司包括:Added Value, BMRB, BPRI, Center Partners, Diagnostic Research, Fusion 5, Glendinning, Henley Centre, icon, IMRB, Kantar媒介研究, Lightspeed Research, Management Ventures, Mattson Jack, Millward Brown(明略行), pFour, TNS Research International 和 Ziment。



The Kantar Group (TKG), based in Fairfield, Connecticut, and London, was founded in 1993 as the Information and Consultancy Division of WPP Group plc, a London-based public company. Eric Salama is the current chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TKG. He earned a (MSc) at the Birkbeck, University of London. Research-only revenue in the United States for 2005 was estimated at $439.2 million, up 6.7 percent from 2004. In 2005, 64.5 percent of total research-only revenue, or $798.0 million, was estimated from outside the United States. The growth rate includes 2004 and 2005 revenue from acquisitions of Marketing and Planning Systems in July 2004, DaVinci Healthcare Partners in August 2004, Consumer Health Sciences in March 2005 and Dynamic Logic in June 2005.

The Kantar Groups’s research business in the United States, with an estimated 2,300 full-time employees, includes Millward Brown Group, Research International, The Ziment Group, Lightspeed Research, Kantar Operations and Mattson Jack Group.


Millward Brown Group

Millward Brown Group (MBG); based in Naperville, IL, was founded in Warwick, England in 1973 and acquired by WPP Group in 1989. Millward Brown provides a range of qualitative, quantitative and consulting services with respect to brands, marketing communications, media and marketing effectiveness. Millward Brown works across a wide range of industries and categories, including brand strategy and experience, creative development and campaign evaluation, consumer needs and values, media planning and strategy, return on investment (ROI) and forecasting, and investment management, brand valuation and analytics through its MB Optimor unit headed by Joanna Seddon.

Research International

Research International (RI) was founded in 1973, and has been part of the WPP Group since 1989. Mark Cranmer is the current CEO for Research International. It has offices in 57 countries, and its global headquarters are in London. RI Qualitatif is the group’s qualitative research arm. RI provides marketing knowledge created in response to individual clients needs with answers to specific business problems, and generates insights into consumers and markets. It has experience in most major sectors, particularly consumer packaged goods, retail, new media, financial services, energy and utilities, technology and telecommunications.

RI’s services are structured around six main practice areas: consumer understanding; branding and communication; innovation, channel management; new media; and customer relationships and service measurement. In each area, the services offered draws on the firm’s worldwide knowledge bases and include both custom approaches and is own techniques. Among the latter are Equity Engine (brand equity management), MicroTest (new product development and sales forecasting), BrandSight Gallery (an internationally validated visual system for exploring brand personality), Locator (brand positioning optimization) and Loyalty Driver (evaluating and managing customer loyalty).

The Ziment Group

The Ziment Group (TZG), based in New York, was founded in 1976 by Larry Ziment, succeeded by Howard Ziment starting in 1987 and acquired by WPP Group in 2001. The unit comprises four divisions: Ziment and WebSurveyResearch, Imap and Consumer Health Sciences.

  • Ziment:

Chief Executive Officer, Ziment Group: Lynnette Cooke

Chairman, Ziment Group: Howard Ziment

Chief Operating Officer, Ziment: John Tapper, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Europe, Ziment: Andrew Scott

Worldwide Chief Qualitative Officer, Ziment: Basya Gale, Ph.D.

Sr. Vice President, Dir. of Qualitative Services, Ziment: Ken Morgan

Sr. Vice President, Research Logistics, Ziment: Stephen Gerzovich

Full service, global marketing research company that offers products that address a range of strategic marketing issues. Also provides e-healthcare support, Internet research and Multivariate services.

  • WebSurvey Research:

President, WebSurvey Research: Jerry Arbittier

Vice President of Sales: Gabriele Jakubowski

President, AllGlobal: Tony Burke

Provides access to a panel of healthcare professionals dedicated to participating in research through the Internet. WebSurvey’s panel has more than 75,000 participating physicians. Offers survey programming and data collection services. In 2007, WebSurvey Research acquired AllGlobal. AllGlobal is a UK-based marketing research company that specializes in Healthcare information services including physician panel research.

  • CHS - Consumer Health Sciences:

President: Mike Kelly

Vice President of Sales: Michael Fronstin

Account Director: Deborah Freedman

Senior Vice President, Project & Systems: Larry Weingarten

Senior Director of Projects: Kathy Annunziata

Senior Director of Outcomes Research: Susan Bolge, Ph.D.

Collects disease-specific, self-reported consumer data. It's flagship product is the National Health and Welness Survey which is conducted annual in USA and Europe since 1998.

  • Imap - Integrated Marketing and Promotions:

President, imap Research: Mike Kelly

Senior Vice President of Project Systems: Larry Weingarten

Vice President of Sales: Michael Fronstin

Imap, established in December 2004, conducts worldwide syndicated marketing and research studies. Two main products offered by Imap are OnTrak and OnMessage.

Lightspeed Research

Lightspeed Research (LSR) was founded by TKG in 2000 and is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The company operates in North America, Europe, and Asia. LSR provides global online market research services, specializing in using the Internet as a data collection platform to provide research through building and maintaining panels subject to standards to ensure quality and representative sampling. Web technology and databases provide the foundation to support market research studies and specialty panels that range across industry sectors such as financial services, health care, business-to-business, automotive, family and more. LSR also provides custom panels to address specific client needs. In 2005, Lightspeed Research conducted over 12 million online surveys for clients.

Through its network of proprietary panels and accredited panel partners LSR can provide access to more than 17 million household members across 25 countries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Consumer panels are available in North America, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Japan and Australia – providing access to adults, teenagers, kids and other specialty audiences.

The Mattson Jack Group

Mattson Jack (MJG) was founded in 1986 and was acquired by the Kantar Group in June 2003. The company is based in St. Louis and has six offices in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and an associate in Japan. MJG is a healthcare-focused consultancy serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with the mission to provide advanced analysis, planning, decision support and implementation. MJG’s core competencies include business analytics (market research, modeling and forecasting, pricing and reimbursement); corporate development services (licensing, market opportunity assessment and strategic planning); brand optimization (promotional response modeling, mix optimization and prescription influence mapping); and oncology market specialization through DaVinci Oncology Specialists.

Added Value

In October 2004, three Kantar Group companies – Added Value, Icon Brand Navigation and Diagnostic Research – combined under the Added Value (AV) name. Added Value focuses on brand marketing, consumer insight, innovation and communications optimization. Core skills are setting future direction (cultural and trend analysis); identifying market opportunities (market segmentation and mindset mapping, brand portfolio management); strengthening brand equity (brand evaluation, diagnosis and strategy creation); innovation (ethnography, ideas generation and development); evaluating ideas (marketing mix optimization, concept evaluation); optimizing communications (decoding and planning, copy testing); and communications performance optimization (planning, tracking, and spending optimization).

DR Added Value conducts consumer and business-to-business research across a number of product and industry categories. Major services offered are copy-testing, brand and advertising tracking, consumer and market segmentation, product design and customer satisfaction. IconAddedValue provides market research and consulting services, including brand communications, product research, brand tracking and customer satisfaction studies, with offices in four countries. In addition, the firm offers support for advertising agency selection; coaching in brand management, communications development and agency management; and tailored seminars and workshops for defining brand identity. Its research activities are built around a brand value management structure with four brand components; analytics, strategy, implementation and monitoring.

Other Kantar Companies

  • AMRB
  • Cannondale Associates
  • Center Partners
  • Fusion 5
  • Glendinning
  • Kantar Operations
  • RMS Instore Ltd




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